Shared bike ofo completed $130 million C round of financing

ofo shared bike today announced the completion of $130 million C round of financing, including $two a few weeks ago to travel tens of millions of dollars C1 round of strategic investment. C2 round of investment from both domestic and foreign investment institutions involved in travel: drops in the latest round of financing the US hedge fund Coatue, millet, and CITIC Industrial Fund is the lead investor of the current round of investment, Jing Yuan capital, venture capitalist Yuri Milner and an early investor ofo latitude in China, Jinsha River venture capital and other investment institutions early to continue with the vote.

ofo CEO Dai Wei said that the future will start a strategic cooperation with millet. Earlier drops in terms of travel, drops travel and ofo will further for people to travel to share the city to carry out strategic cooperation, the user is expected to experience a direct experience of the ofo service platform.

According to ofo

, ofo shared bicycle with no shared bicycle pile travel solutions, users get the password to unlock the bike through WeChat mobile App service number or enter the license plate number, with access whenever and wherever possible. Users can also share their own bikes to operate ofo, so as to get all the free use of ofo shared bike to 1 for N.

Data provided by

ofo show that ofo shares 13 months on a bike, covering a total of 200 campuses, with a total of more than 500 thousand trips per day, with more than 1 million 800 thousand users. On line a year, ofo completed a total of 5 rounds of financing.

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