The role of the website PR value is not overvalued

            the role of the website PR value is not overvalued? Now too many people are advocating this website PR value function. Like a few years ago, the major sites are in the pursuit of the site’s tour like, really do not know what the results will continue? I’m not here to say the PR value of the site is not important, should not pay attention to it, but from the current situation to be overdone. Now a lot of people are in the pursuit of this volume can be understood, a website is not impossible to develop the amount of travel, I am here only for the company’s Web site to talk about some of their views. Now many people are in pursuit of is in the Google online rankings, it is supposed to do, one thing is very important, but don’t take the PR value to determine the level of a website publicity effect is good or bad, maybe your website PR value than a website in the same industry high, your views are great, but your order is not, this is a very real thing, why? Is that you just go to the pursuit of the volume of the site’s content is not perfect, so that you do not have to look at the potential customers attractive, people will immediately leave, so what is the use of the browser? Moreover it is said that now a website PR value does not determine your ranking in a search engine on the quality of. For an enterprise is not only to attract your potential customers to browse your site, more important is how to keep him, let him take the initiative to contact with the enterprise, this is the most important. We are doing the site optimization or search engine optimization or their own use is to allow enterprises to have a good ranking in the search engine, the most basic step of the work is website promotion only, as long as this step, to greatly promote the future promotion will play. I want to have a lot of friends have encountered such a situation, when Google Dance will find a lot of owners worry, complained that their website posted everywhere how ah, how can not find in Google, also ranked No. After a period of time may have been restored, it is a relief. Why is there such a situation? I also have been thinking about this problem, I personally think it is likely that the web traffic reasons, you may browse this period of time was better, so your ranking is also good, but when there is no traffic, your website ranking will naturally reduce or couldn’t to. A situation that is the pursuit of the views of these sites is short-lived, not according to the contents of this website to decide, now Google is very important for the ranking of the standard is you the contents of this website, so this is the most important, as long as the quality of the content of the website you do well, maybe your PR value is not high, but I believe you will be a good ranking. So don’t just ask what the PR value or views, and these.

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