When the flow began to become refined your marketing is not hard not soft

electric heat transfer temperature by high fever to turn to competition, public traffic from surge Zhuanzeng turn slow growth to slow fall, a "Internet traffic gone" told us many websites, application platform, all go traffic decline, but in fact seems to go downhill scene behind is, users become more discerning, but also the entire Internet community service to the real "high quality" best performance.

Red Sea area too much competition too much traffic has been awarded 7788

from WeChat, to the public to live, a variety of interesting variety of APP, increase the individual entrepreneurs, small entrepreneurial team, for our overwhelming a traffic entrance everywhere is the world of the Internet, a mobile terminal carrying is not simple based applications, but varied and colorful service the world.

from the portal to search, search the Internet to social networking, experienced a qualitative change in the flow of each period there are a qualitative leap, the era of portal push, what users see what, at this time the flow for marketing click conversion is almost 100% probability, also once swept off ad; search times, the Internet has been carrying more information, users need to use the "search" to obtain useful information, then take the flow to do pay attention to "marketing strategy", pay attention to "SEO", pay attention to precision; social networking era, micro-blog and WeChat in the fire up these days, people have not only valued the search for power, but also pay attention to, pay attention to, pay attention to share interesting jokes……

from the best conversion traffic to use "SEO" to help the search power into the flow, then to today, we want to get traffic, it is necessary to pay attention to the era of search skills, and find a new era of user demand: sharing, and other social interactive elements.

when the traffic has become refined your marketing can not stand still

In order to obtain the

flow, in the era of fragmentation to seize more quality traffic, marketing is no longer the pop ads, keyword optimization ability, and should be vigorous and have the spirit of human interaction ability.

1, formerly a variety of inspirational now all kinds of grass root culture


the inspirational chicken soup, melancholy Wen Qing have gone, we are left with a grass root culture of the times, Ge You, the runaway comic lie, a word not just decadent decadent decadent! Don’t cry because a little difficult, tomorrow is still difficult……

with negative emotions lead the trend, get a generation of young people’s sympathy from the emotion, also can become the good assistant of marketing.

as a treasure to:


such as a sauce to:



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