Zhang Guanren original version of enterprise network promotion plan (B)

four, the introduction of the mainstream search engine

1, Baidu search (www.baidu.com)

Baidu has been to develop the most suitable for Chinese people to use the search engine as their own responsibility, after five years of efforts, Baidu search engine has become the world’s most powerful Chinese search engine.

core technology: hyperlink analysis

hyperlink analysis technology, is a new generation of search engine key technology, has been widely used in the world’s major search engines, Baidu President Robin Li is the only holder of hyperlink analysis patent. In the academic world, the more cited a paper is, the better it is, the higher the academic value. Hyperlink analysis is through the analysis of the number of links to the site to evaluate the quality of the site is linked, which ensures that the user in Baidu search, the more popular content ranking by the user.

larger, newer, faster

Baidu has a natural advantage in the Chinese Internet, support search 530 million Chinese web pages, is the world’s largest Chinese search engine.

and Baidu every day in the increase of hundreds of thousands of new web pages, the realization of important Chinese web pages updated every day, users can search through the Baidu search engine to the world’s most recent and most complete Chinese information. Baidu in China, the distribution of the server, directly from the nearest server, the search information returned to local users, allowing users to enjoy the fast search speed.

Chinese users tailor

Baidu a profound understanding of Chinese user search habits, the development of automatic keyword prompts: user input Pinyin, you can get the correct Chinese keywords. Baidu has also developed Chinese search and automatic error correction; if the user input error typos, can automatically give the right keywords tips.

Baidu snapshot is another popular features, the user internet access often encounter the problem of dead links: Baidu search engine is the preview of the site snapshot "," emergency storage of a large number of users. Even if the user cannot link to the website, users of Baidu web pages can be temporary emergency. And through the Baidu snapshots to find information is often much faster than the conventional method.

Baidu has a number of other common user functions, including the relevant search, Chinese name recognition, simplified Chinese traditional automatic conversion, web preview, etc.. Baidu has increased the professional MP3 search, Flash search, news search, information express search, and is rapidly developing other users like search function. Baidu search engine, will develop the most comprehensive search engine for all Chinese users to open the door of the internet.

2, YAHOO search (www.yahoo.cn)

Yahoo Corp is a global Internet communications, business and media company. The network provides a wide range of online services for more than one hundred and eighty million users worldwide each month. YAHOO is global

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