Website promotion content who is more important

this is a blog article that has been applied to other people’s titles in a large web site blog. Think this topic is very interesting, so apply the title. Website promotion is now a hot topic, of course, also on the search engine optimization is one of the hot topics. Some people say that "wine is not afraid of deep alley, as long as the content of the website will be able to attract visitors to the natural. In some ways it makes sense, but not all. Here from two aspects:

1) bring traffic

web content is always the old network emphasizes the content of a website is like life and soul. But if there is no information, no matter how good the content may No one shows any interest in. For a new website, the most likely source of traffic is the search engine if there is no information promotion, your site will lose the reverse link, if there is no information promotion, the content of your website is not to reprint and reference, so your site in the search engine results in no one a good search engine rankings, also bring traffic can not give you. So it is necessary to operate a website in two aspects, one is the promotion, the two is the content. From this point of view, the importance of the promotion of content than the higher, should be no promotion, the content is no good.

2) keep traffic

assume that the search engine can bring a lot of traffic to your site, but can not keep the flow of information that the content of the site is indeed a problem. So in this regard, the quality of the content shows its value. Only good content in order to retain the user’s footsteps, and even become your site’s repeat customers, your site’s reputation effect may also arise. Conversely, good website content due to the more welcome by the user, make your website page view number increase, Alexa ranking increase, search engine will adjust to your site’s ranking, to a more active role on the website promotion.

website content and website promotion there is no any relationship, but a pair of mutual promotion and common progress. Only with the appropriate promotion and excellent content, a website can be successful.

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