Talk about how to use micro-blog to do those things about micro-blog marketing

when I wrote this title, I was wondering if the team was going to be able to feel the tension. In 2010 years, before the owners will participate in the Adworld Marketing Forum last week, the two will give me the deepest impression is the stage on both sides of the large screen real-time rolling related micro-blog conference participants send below, the audience can at any time the speaker’s speech to express their views. With the big door micro-blog website as standard, it declared a national small era. In the face of such a big piece of cake, everyone want to eat one, but not everyone can digest the stomach, so although we cannot open a micro-blog web site, but we can through the micro-blog marketing to our website. This is only a preliminary analysis of some related things about micro-blog marketing, which aims to provide.

a, how to increase the number of micro-blog to listen to

first, the most direct way, is also known as vulgar methods: hair beauty pictures. Although some people will say that this is a very vulgar, but why some people can find Miss, we even have the kept woman, wearing clothes online to see a few girls? Pull back, this method is the fastest growing audience, but should pay attention to two points: beautiful degree scale and beauty of the picture.

second, listening to each other. Listen to each other into two kinds, one is listening to you do not cancel, but as Tencent micro-blog is to limit 2000 people; another is the method most people despise, listen to different people every day, certainly more than 30% will go back to listen to you, then every few days to cancel to listen to these people, to continue to listen to the other a group of people, but because many people listen to the account, so few people will be a test I listen to people who canceled my. Note: This is just a discussion of micro-blog marketing methods rather than on behalf of my consent to this approach.

third, funny pictures and wonderful. Micro-blog sent a special account of a lot of fans are wonderful piece of thousands, this method accumulated popularity is steady growth, because of the wonderful wonderful pictures and scripts will be broadcast many times by more and more people see. My advice to you is best not to send pictures with watermark, except of course with their own website watermark; wonderful jokes don’t send that many years ago as a joke, of course you joke out is barely acceptable.

fourth, share their experiences and methods. A lot of authenticated users will share their successful experience. Don’t say what he did not experience worth sharing to everyone, everyone more or less will have to learn some things in the society, we must learn to sum up what we have today and the harvest, harvest records in micro-blog, in a memo to yourself and your audience also share your experience.

fifth, celebrity edge ball method. Not all celebrities will open accounts in all micro-blog, although the account has not been certified, but there will still be a large number of people to listen to you, this method I personally tested, posing as the name >

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