Baidu said it turned Baidu next year, micro-blog certified users to enter the first round of the inv

March 28th news, Baidu said, in April will be revised as a big Baidu micro-blog". At the same time, it will set up a new column called "Hall of fame", which is currently inviting users of the portal micro-blog certification.

as early as last year, Baidu launched Baidu said it, and conduct internal testing. It is understood that Baidu is Baidu’s latest social networking services (SNS), to take the real name system, the real head, bound phone number, etc., its focus is SNS. At the same time, Baidu said it is the same as the popular micro-blog products, the word set to 140 words.


Baidu says home page

recently, Dumbo that Baidu said it will be conducted in April revised, officially turned to Baidu micro-blog. According to Baidu micro-blog operations department staff, the revised Baidu said it will have new changes from the page and content. At the same time, will also set up a hall of fame, the new column, focusing on the recommendation of the various sectors of the star and related works.

according to Dumbo, the Baidu micro-blog department is to authenticate the user major website micro-blog invited first settled, occupiers can choose to log in directly using Baidu or micro-blog micro-blog and its authorized forwarding, Baidu will search in the product line to give key support.

is different from the existing domestic SNS platform, Baidu said it took a registered user to the real name system, the user account number and phone number binding. In Baidu said it, in the case of the two sides are concerned about each other, you can see each other’s phone number of the top three and the last four, and Baidu provides the exchange of the two sides of the phone number service. In this regard, insiders believe that the Internet users in depth of daily life, the "real name" represent the general trend today, network interaction is increasingly into reality, Baidu homeopathy into real name social field, will bring a new wave of SNS field.


and phone number binding real name system

, however, on the other hand, because Baidu said it also need to fill in the ID number to real name authentication through the authentication, can generate a "V" type Baidu say the user authentication, enter the ID number and name must be completely corresponding, can pass the authentication. If the user entered the ID card and the Chinese name does not match, then it can not be certified, there will be no "V" logo, but the user can still release information.


need ID number for real name authentication

this, the Internet has a well-known IT blog (Moonlight blog) expressed objection. Its Bowen said, Baidu by saying it has established a real name user information also has a huge security risks. "If Baidu is black lead to the identity of the user information leakage, who is responsible for this responsibility?"

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