The Taobao stores the NASDAQ tour after it has been changed

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      [Abstract] Wang Xiaobang, the owner of the shop in the mountains of Taobao, said, "my fate has been changed, and I hope to help others to change their destiny, although I may not be able to do so."

weekly Times reporter Fei Liting

week special correspondent Liang Shanxi


one day in August, Wang Xiaobang, the owner of a farm shop in the mountains of Taobao, received a phone call. Alibaba invited him to participate in the 15 anniversary of Ali Thanksgiving trip to the United States, and then specifically told him to bring a suit, tie, used to attend the event.

Wang Xiaobang knows that Alibaba will be listed in the United States in September. He accepted the invitation to go to the United states. But at the time, he did not know, he and 7 other Alibaba in the ecological chain of the "little people" appeared on the NASDAQ bell stage, the center in the stage, in a completely different way to witness this century IPO.

in September 16th, he wrote in his QQ space: "boil corn, take two, fly to the United States on the way to eat."

the next day, he and 20 others appeared in a flight to New York in the economy class. He sat in the middle of three positions on both sides of the people do not know, no one can talk, he wanted to go out the activities, and do not want to disturb others. So, he took out his book with a book to explore consumer psychology, on the top of the cast down the yellow light to look up, look tired to sleep for a while. Bent legs, 14 hours of flight, it is particularly long.

special person

14 hours of Wang Xiaobang thought of a lot of half awaken.

many years ago, the Shanxi city of Lvliang province Linxian County papaya Ping Xiang Zhang Jia Gou Cun farmers do not think they will one day with Chinese mainland’s richest man walked so close.

Wang Xiaobang said: "I can’t remember whether it was 2003 or 2004." At that time, he did not know Taobao, do not know Alibaba. One day, he was waiting for the bus, saw a newsstand magazine printed on the cover of a strange man, the man wearing a yellow T-shirt, a large head, laugh like a child. Just as the American "Forbes" magazine described as: deep concave, twisted, zygomatic hair grin laugh, 5 feet tall, 100 pounds. Wang felt that the man was very special, so, for the first time spent 8 yuan to buy such an expensive magazine".

that person, of course, is ma.

2003 SARS (SARS) in a sense making of Ma Yun, but also fulfill the Alibaba, when the foreign customers stop Chinese when Alibaba online business information doubled three times more than the previous year, more and more.

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