The domestic short rental market five years for butterfly short rental platform development way

look at the timetable for the establishment of the short rental platform, it is not difficult to see, in 2017, the country’s major short rental platform will enter the fifth year.

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in 2017, first came to Airbnb earnings news, inspired the entire short rental industry, the short rent platform also saw their hope of profit and A fighting spirit soars aloft. Yiboweiping another, followed by the acquisition of Accor vacation rental platform Travel Keys event, once again to the market proved that short rental industry value.

online short rental market ushered in diversified development

in fact, the market seems to have never doubted the value of the short rental industry, in this era of shared economy, people from all walks of life seem to be looking forward to the relationship with online short rent.

1, cross-border influx of online short rental ranks

in the past 2016, cross-border heavyweights join short rent events in the minority, with green as the representative of the real estate business, home as a representative of the hotel group, even the restaurant tycoon grandma’s founder Wu Guoping also tried to go out in the field of short rent, build quality of "high price" pension. Thus, the online short hire non inverted without reducing the increase.

the influx of online short rent, Fengeng short rental market crossovers, they themselves may have some limitations. As developers and home of such large enterprises, asset heavy model is innate, although efforts to reduce costs, but still can not with the online short rental platform asset light flat, and even the real estate enterprises are easy to get wrong, to create high-end decoration suite, high priced, courteous service, which is more like a senior the club is not home. But their own resource advantage is also very obvious. Their accession to enhance the competitiveness of the entire short rental market, but also played a role in optimizing the market, to promote the entire short rental market more orderly development.

2, short rental company Fengeng online short rental market cake

shared the degree of economic development in China continued to rise, online short rental revenue sharing housing landlord soared. This is the heart of entrepreneurs who found that the market followed by the emergence of a number of short rental companies. Some companies only do short rental villa, and some companies are all short rental housing, there is a type of full coverage.

in fact, the establishment of these short rental companies, relative to the individual’s short rental landlord, the advantage is obvious. First, short rental company business scale, regardless of the number of houses or houses or the quality of reception service, short rental company with respect to the landlord personal advantage, services more standardized, more able to attract tenants. Second, short rental companies have money, time and energy enough to run short rental housing, intensive management, to optimize the allocation of resources to the maximum extent, convenient in safety and health more secure, let tenants choose rest assured.

the development gap of domestic and foreign tourism market

with a variety of new market

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