Daily topic Ali wholly acquired UC UC will become Taobao diversion platform

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) June 13th news, recently Alibaba group and UC excellent as a joint announcement, UC excellent as a wholly integrated into the Alibaba group, and the formation of Ali UC mobile business group. UC excellent as chairman and CEO Yu Yongfu will serve as president of the UC mobile business group, the highest decision-making team to enter the Ali group – Ali group strategic decision committee.

this is the second in 2009, in 2013, the two time after Ali group UC excellent investment, the two sides to achieve a comprehensive integration. This also means that the domestic Internet pattern in the last important variables have been settled. Ali group based on electricity providers, cloud computing, big data capabilities and UC excellent in terms of the collision of the accumulation of wireless Internet, the industry will bring endless imagination. It is foreseeable that the balance of the wireless Internet has tilted to Ali, the Internet industry structure will be reshaped.

Yu Yongfu

wrote in the mail, "UC with Ali in 2009 due to the strategic investment soon, in the past five years, Ali honored" unconditional support for UC development ‘commitment to establish a high-level of equality, respect and friendship." Then when the total Ma proposed to come together to achieve a common dream proposal, I think this is an opportunity, a fate.

affected by the impact of the entrance of the mobile terminal entrance, Ali at the PC end of the mass flow advantage is not ported to the mobile terminal. In the frequent structure adjustment and the person in charge of the wireless transform, Ali tried to Alipay wallet, mobile phone contacts and Taobao into the super entrance has hundreds of millions of users, this strategy did not succeed until now. Mobile electricity supplier on the strong demand for massive traffic, making Ali on the entrance of the mobile than other large companies are more prominent anxiety, which is one of the reasons for the continuous pursuit of mergers and acquisitions.

Ma Yun said that Ali and UC go together, because we want to create a common future — we believe that in order to control for the IT era is the starting point to activate creativity for the purpose of DT (data technology) era. This is not only the opportunity and the fate of Ali and UC, Ali and UC students who are lucky. This age do not need to stand in line, but need to make a choice. A group of people with a sense of meaning to do a meaningful thing, this is the culture of Alibaba.

Ali, carrying Ali electricity providers, search and game strategy UC, is becoming a microcosm of WeChat, for UC, although the direction is consistent with the previously established strategy of Ali, but more or less affected by the impact of Ali, Yu Yongfu had always insisted on independent of how the UC system integrated into Ali. And let UC become Taobao diversion platform, will be the first problem he faced.

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