OnlineNC domain names can not be transferred

2009 New Year’s Eve, China channel some agents have received a letter entitled "" you renew my gifts "large Thanksgiving activities" mail, mail in a reminder by the agents concerned, its contents are as follows:

for the convenience of your domain name management, at the same time for us more directly to provide quality customer service service for you, if you hold the CNO domain ( in our domain name registrar (Registrar) is not reflected in 35 TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, advise you in 3 days for the domain name renew and transfer the registration of business procedures. If you are not in time for the procedure, may be a lot of inconvenience to your domain name management, but also will affect the quality of service you enjoy the Chinese channel.  

domain name registrar (Registrar) 35 TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, we will no longer provide free domain name resolution, transfer, transfer and other value-added services.

thank you again for your support and trust!

China Channel Service Center


According to

, OnlineNic is the first to carry out the registration of the domain name registrar COM, COM domain renewal income is the main source of income. Verizon filed a lawsuit against OnlineNic in June 2008, claiming that the company’s registered COM domain name violated Verizon’s trademark, and in the u.s.. Industry insiders pointed out that the huge compensation for OnlineNic is tantamount to its hosting of the hundreds of thousands of crowning calamity, COM domain name will also be affected. The impact of the case is not only a OnlineNic enterprise, but the entire domestic domain name market, it will have a profound impact on the domestic registration and use of COM domain name.
to the press time, in the OnlineNIC management domain problem seems more and more, a senior international domain name investors Tong Jun (a pseudonym) is very helpless:  .

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