Europe’s 50 biggest trade war in technology

[Abstract] for us technology companies tax avoidance and the market share is too large, the European countries are gradually tightening.

Tencent science and technology news, whether in Berlin and Madrid, London or Paris, the U.S. technology companies are now almost all European countries have fallen into a digital war related to economic interests. From another point of view, it is also a war against the government of technology giants, the old companies against emerging challengers and the European tradition of war against the United States culture.

for this war without smoke, the focus of both sides of the war is to compete for economic interests.


European lawmakers have long been accustomed to their own can exert significant influence and control of the important economic sector, but they suddenly found himself unable to exert the same pressure on these new arrivals from the other side of the ocean. Since the science and technology enterprises "invasion" of Europe, the European economy is not on the fast track, government revenues are still weak, including retail, taxi and media in these industries to pay tax are mostly from the Silicon Valley began to be overtaken by rivals because of this, many European governments are worried about the car will be under the Silicon Valley a possible subversion of the traditional industrial areas.

currently, the United States has reached the highest level of scientific and technological enterprises. Including apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google (micro-blog) and Microsoft, these enterprises total market value has reached $1 trillion and 800 billion, this figure even more than the total market capitalization of the Frankfurt stock market all 30 German blue chip company.

"the rise of American technology companies will make Europe lose all." The former British antitrust officials Paul (Paul Stoneman) said the stoneman.

at the same time, the game between the two sides is in fact a struggle against values, that is, Silicon Valley’s more lax regulatory system with the European Commission has established a strict regulatory system. Moreover, with the outbreak of the former CIA employee Snowden incident, the European government has become more concerned about this issue, but also further tightened its regulatory policies.

, for example, a Holland court had ordered a ban on Uber Technologies Inc UberPOP car rental service in local operations; the British finance minister George (George Osborne) – Oslo Boone announced a new tax plan last week for collection of up to 25% of the "Google tax" (Google Tax, 21% higher than that of the local business tax) in order to prevent, Google, apple and other multinational companies to evade tax liability.

this, Uber said he will continue to launch car service in Holland, while Aka Norihisami commented on this.

moreover, the American companies for the European judicial department had previously passed the online forgotten law (rig>)

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