Cai Wensheng choose the two standard user needs of the product is true


Internet innovation brought about by the human being is self-evident, but more likely it is the impact of changes brought to traditional industries. Sequoia Capital and fund it real a share on the meeting, Cai Wensheng expressed his views on the evolution of the Internet and some of their choice of investment project standard.

impact on traditional industries for the Internet, Cai Wensheng believes:

almost all the traditional things, or to enter the Internet, or will have its own difficulties. Last year, Matsushita lost 10 billion 200 million, SONY huge loss, these will spread to China to.

and the recent hot "demote theory" viewpoint in very similar "demote theory" the author many years of business experience to draw a conclusion: the use of mobile Internet to change the traditional industries will have more opportunities. As for the evolution of the Internet, Cai Wensheng believes that there are 3 main stages:

commercial Internet, the emergence of YAHOO as a symbol of

was the biggest Internet from the classification of information began to focus on some related sites, and then export. YAHOO’s features are classified information + manual editing, such as in 2000 when the collection of China’s ten major sites, and then more popular products.

The emergence of

Google marks the second stage of the Internet

started as a domain name Cai Wensheng, in terms of website SEO also has amazing means. He said that in 2003 the highest time, with several domain names can bring tens of thousands of traffic. Due to the low ranking in the search display, when the financial sector to find Cai Wensheng, the key word will be changed to the text of the text, within a week, let the ranking rose to the first of the. At that time, the company can do competitive ranking can have good prospects. He disclosed that there was a very good company to do the bidding price sold to YAHOO, so Cai Wensheng think sometimes may not need to be listed as a great company, the sale is also a good choice.

2005 Myspace and the subsequent emergence of Facebook marks the third phase of the Internet

Cai Wensheng believes that the Myspace phase was the most valuable part of the Internet: interactive. Because this allows users to generate information; and Facebook was able to defeat the Myspace, the reason is that the user relationship is also included in the Facebook. In China, Sina’s inflection point began in last year in the year of October. WeChat as a result of all traffic from the phone, and is based on the address book of a solid relationship, it will become the biggest entrance in the future.

based on the above judgment, Cai Wensheng from the beginning of March last year, decided to invest in mobile phones, no longer consider the site. Because the first phase of the Internet is changing the composition of the information; the second stage changed the entertainment and e-commerce

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