Amazon to expand the scope of payment system to enter the online payment

Sina Technology News Beijing time on April 5th morning news, Amazon launched a new project on Monday, hoping to expand its digital wallet service tentacles.

with the help of the name of the Pay With Amazon service, Amazon’s 304 million users can use their own credit card and distribution information stored in Amazon from the merchant of the third party shopping. Amazon users only need to log in with the Amazon account on the third party merchant’s website, you can use the service without having to register a new account and fill in the credit card information.

this service can be a substitute for PayPal. GoGo airborne Wi-Fi, Southwest Airlines, apparel retailers All Saints and other businesses have supported the service. Amazon fees charged to businesses similar to PayPal, the same is 2.9% Commission plus $0.30 per transaction fee.

on Monday, Amazon announced that the service will be integrated with the electricity supplier shopping software, hoping to attract new retailers and business partners.

, for example, Amazon will use the Shopify electricity supplier to open the store software to provide its payment services. Shopify was founded in 2006 to provide software tools for 243 thousand online retailers, including shop, payment and settlement applications.

Amazon has also launched before competing with Shopify software services, and encourage users to give up Shopify software.

Amazon said the latest project can only be used in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom and japan.

includes many Amazon AWS cloud computing services and Prime subscription service, has attracted the attention of investors, but the payment service has been quietly growing, but Amazon does not disclose specific revenue data specific payment service. 2015, this service through the third party retail website to complete the payment amount increased by 150% compared to 2014. Over the past two years, there are more than 23 million Amazon users using Pay with Amazon to complete the payment on the third party website. Cooperate with Shopify and three party tool shop, Amazon will help further expand the volume of transactions.

, however, today’s online and mobile payments are increasingly competitive. PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Android Pay are provided with mobile wallet, allowing businesses and application developers receive payment via mobile phones.

In addition to

, Amazon is also facing some challenges to persuade businesses to use its payment services. Amazon’s retail business is often competitive with other online retailers, so these businesses may not want to share data with amazon.

but Amazon has said that Pay with Amazon payment data will be confidential, the company will not view this information.

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