Baidu CFO Wang Zhansheng announced the painful accident died

Baidu (NASDAQ:BIDU) today saddened to announce that the company CFO (chief financial officer) Wang Zhansheng during the New Year holiday, unfortunate accident death.

Baidu Inc chairman and CEO Robin Li said the company was shocked and sad for this sudden news, "Shawn (Wang Zhansheng) have excellent vision and extraordinary leadership, with the help of Baidu listed, and become one of the leading us listed companies in the process has made an indelible contribution. Shawn is optimistic, virtuous, others sincere enthusiasm for every contact with the Baidu people, he is not only an excellent manager and leader, is a rare good teachers and helpful friends. We will always miss Shawn, wishing him peace in heaven."

Baidu CFO Wang Zhansheng

Wang Zhansheng joined the world’s largest Chinese search engine Baidu in September 2004, served as chief financial officer so far. In August 2005 Wang Zhansheng led the Baidu NASDAQ listing, Baidu business growth during several times, the market value of the company continued to rise from $200 million as of December 2007, exceeded 13 billion U.S. dollars, Baidu has become the first to enter the NASDAQ 100 stocks Chinese company. Chief financial officer named Wang Zhansheng as the 2005 year’s most outstanding chief financial officer.

in the absence of re appointment, Baidu CFO post will be temporarily short of time, the relevant functional departments will maintain the normal operation of the company’s financial and information disclosure system. Because of Wang Zhansheng’s efforts, Baidu listed more than two years have established the system of financial audit and information disclosure of a set of mature, and in the middle of this year the United States passed the "Sarbanes act" of the audit, operation and management of Chinese financial system become the most efficient and transparent company A.

Wang Zhansheng biography:

Shenyang, 1989 by the United States of America University (The American University) Master degree in accounting and West Virginia University (West Virginia University) higher education administration Master’s degree.

officially joined Baidu as chief financial officer in September 2004. Before joining Baidu for PWC international capital markets partner, responsible for the Asia Pacific region, especially for the first time the IPO, private placement and cross-border mergers and acquisitions activities related to information service for the Greater China business. In the corporate financial reporting and disclosure of information, the United States accounting standards and international accounting standards, the United States securities regulatory requirements, corporate international capital market strategy and other aspects of the experience of a lot of experience.

from November 2002 to December 2003, was appointed as a full-time technical adviser to the China Securities Regulatory commission. China’s Ministry of Finance Accounting Standards Advisory committee. Mr. Wang Zhansheng has been in New York, London and Hongkong

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