Four years of experience in the local station now to re

is a senior high school I didn’t finish the Chinese people, poor grades, junior high school graduation, there are two words to write, also use pinyin! So to make a will not use 5 pen, ABC played, if there is a typo, please forgive me


I do website about more than 4 years, 03 years at the station mix, know out of this place, but did not come, now the station too much advertising, do not love the kind of atmosphere, think like the station four years ago, now still remember that when a lot of old friends, they don’t know what now, again, the cat, I love free, white and so on. Later the station over a period of time in the separation, the age, the station closed again! It will stand! Oh, paoti, we got to the


04 years ago, I stayed in Shenzhen for some time, then do the artists in an Internet company, to help maintain a period of time, feel that the company is to make money, the market place is not very good at that time! But I think the future will certainly be a direction of development, now I do not seem to me no wrong! Resign, one month wages also didn’t want to Frence leave, but the company really let me learn a lot of things! I love the network like everyone is interested in it, I FLASH, the previous works are at the time of the FLASH.163.COM above this FLASH station can’t seem to find the


(a man here, in fact, did not stop, but officially launched, in time, the most popular arena I opened the arena, with the program, as if! Miss those days, then went to Shenzhen to shut up. The first collar wages in Shenzhen, spent 600 yuan, this is like in 511111.COM, do not know no one knows, buy a domain name and arena space, the results of the day is useless, they will be closed, after they contact their phones are empty, distain).

home, a cavity blood but don’t know where to start, on the computer in their own hand, then use the dynamic domain name of peanut shell, he made a stand! But do entertainment is a station, some of the main film is on what, let the point of the registration, the result is do not make money, know that the station did, when the propaganda really easy ah, not like now, hey. The use of the use of IP to send messages to the tool, sent directly to the other side of the table, he did not want to see not, down is the tiger group, the effect is good, but did not make money!

almost has accumulated some experience, the wife borrowed 10 thousand yuan, opened a small store, buy MP3, taking into account the website, but later we found the two are not doing business with materials, opened the store rent a house to live, never failed to expand business, then I have the first! A child – the true meaning of the site here, Yanshi harbor ( a small place Oh Luoyang, we do not point >

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