2015 the biggest lie, since the media has never existed

Since the concept of

media is almost in late 12, in 2014 began to fire up, looking back now, when the media remained scanty, the reason is to fire people no matter whether this concept will fire, and some people dream of what the media or writing skills. In writing from the media class, or a little minions are hold together from the media alliance is trying to survive in the tide from the media, this is actually a grass root dream, can not in writing skills, lies in the stomach in the end what is installed, how many.

first false from the media this thing, or this occupation, Shen waves with you to analyze the first two years since the media:

now survive what is from the media outlets, some fans gathered to do some training to sell products, some people begin to do the circle of community, and write soft advertising to make… These business models are constantly in the media out of the way of trial and error, each according to their own situation and personality, to try from the media profit its own way.

actually, what is the difference between the so-called self media and writers, the former is the text which is acting as a proxy, creating artistic works in writing. The text as a proxy for the natural human mind in the article, either in the name, either in.

But if

write first to fame motivation to write, this is the natural will not go have the order reversed, the long term, there will be detailed to say.

if you often see the network novel in some places like the novel website starting point network, you will find that there is the author of a quick writing speed, 7, 8 thousand words a day "why can meet the eye everywhere alfys knife, Li flying" do make the Master heard faint wind


is fast.

fast to you haven’t shot, his knife closed sheath, the fast is continued practice, one day of practice you will know, three days of practice your hand will know that five days of practice the opponent will know, then you’re down. The last is actually very rare, many people can write quickly, then, but many people will write tired tired, then you do not want to continue to write, it needs to continue to maintain the feeling of reading and writing and their writing rhythm, but also to ensure his writing quality.

can do more than the speed of writing is the key that is full of go, people from the media exercise is very important when you continue to write at the same time also need to have the energy to intake of knowledge, then the body and mind are ready to continue to write off and not thinking whenever and wherever possible, not lazy, too in the continuous months or even a year there is no economy under the condition of not lazy, so people enough energy is not hold down, finally you will slowly disappear.

is a field population of people from the media, many experienced people write things are Xinmayoujiang, write their own good, but survived claiming to be from the media.

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