Classified information website chaos criminals breeding ground

water boat can capsize, because of the characteristics of classified information website, that anyone can publish information for free here. Can the website operators but the lack of effective supervision mechanism, giving criminals an opportunity to exploit.

reporter Zhao Jiayi bean rising

Tencent CEO Ma Huateng has said that the Internet will be like water and electricity as applied to life, and indispensable."

Chinese Internet portal, has experienced the rise in prosperity, the electricity supplier, after the micro-blog group purchase hot, because the service life of the site (hereinafter referred to as the classified information website) has been widely used, and let the people depend on the Internet gradually deepened. A source from the global Internet monitoring agency ComScore data show: now Chinese classified information industry average growth rate has been higher than that of other web site, become a portal, search engine sites, third of the fastest growing areas of the internet. The other one from the classification of website data also show that as of August 2011, after the original capital and market reshuffle, temporarily in the first echelon classifieds site 58 city and Ganji (micro-blog) the daily visits to IP have more than 4 million people, including the network, three websites visitors per month have been exceeded 1 billion. This number should not be underestimated.

accompanied by a huge increase in the number of users at the same time, the classification of information about the various ills of the site also exposed, more and more consumer complaints and dissatisfaction. Life as a website, classified information website the most close to the common people, actually do what, let people hate


black intermediary rampant, more than

secondary trading problems

efficient and fast pace of life, so that more and more modern people have no time to have too much spare time, and increasingly developed network system, but also make people more inclined to rent through the network. Originally should be at this time for the people to facilitate the classification of information website, but because of the fact that too many false listings rampant black lead to the problem of classification information website.

Zhang Bo (a pseudonym) in January 2011 through a life class website posted a rental information, and then continue to receive intermediary telephone call, claiming to have multiple sets of housing to meet the needs of the Zhang Bo, Zhang Bo just after the election with houses, to pay the intermediary companies as an intermediary costs a month the rent, and delivered one month deposit (check out that return the deposit to the intermediary can). After that, Zhang Bo in the intermediary under the urging of countless phone finally found a suitable house, but also in accordance with the contract agreed to pay the cost of the intermediary. The original contract to write a lease for one year, but it was Zhang Bo from the rent for one year is 10 days, Zhang Bo suddenly informed intermediary house has expired, request immediately move away from, and when after Zhang Bo moved away from the house, to ask for a deposit of the intermediary, the intermediary has to Zhang Bonong bad room lamp the lamp is on the move (the actual beginning > loss

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