Twelve figure read part-time industry, market potential in the end how much

Abstract: in 2015, the country has emerged more than a hundred part-time team, part-time industry in the end how much potential investors why so concerned about the status of the entrepreneurial team?


part-time industry did not gain much attention before 2015, but in 2015, hundreds of part-time team have sprung up all over the country, many well-known investment institutions have also shot, a time to become the focus of heated debate. What is the potential of the part-time industry? Why are investors so concerned about the status of the entrepreneurial team?


recently has worked with a number of entrepreneurs and investors in the field have had exchanges, in this paper, combined with the way for everyone to sort out the part-time nature, status, entrepreneurial team, the future development of the industry and other key issues.

a, part of the essence of

part-time is a shared economy, is the social idle human resource reuse, for enterprises, part-time employment elasticity belongs to labor costs increased, with the best solution, the elasticity of labor gradually save labor costs for enterprises.


two, part time classification

a lot of people misunderstanding on time cognition, thought is distribute leaflets, doing part-time promotions such as, in fact it is only a small part of part-time, part-time in the traditional environment, intermediary service mainly employing large quantities of businesses, such as exhibition, send a single, long tail, more pieces of business needs are not satisfied, docking way through the mobile Internet, the demand for business will be released, part-time jobs will become rich.

in addition, part-time is not only part-time college students, but also includes temporary employment of society, this part of the huge stock market.


three, college students part-time

because students are geographically concentrated, the popularity of mobile Internet, a high degree of ability to accept new things, so it is a good starting point, according to the survey will have part-time course lattice, in the national university students accounted for 72%, but also consider the traditional part-time environment bad factors of students relatively conservative.


four, student market pain points

students part-time market has long existed, the students lack a sense of security on the one hand, on the other hand, the enterprise is also no guarantee that the environment can make the traditional part-time market in an awkward position. The advent of the mobile Internet, fragments of demand can be effectively docking, the platform can provide protection center, there are many entrepreneurs see this opportunity.


, five part-time market raging like a storm


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