SkyDrive fell will have a free SkyDrive

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360 cloud disk announced shutting down individual business transformation of enterprise cloud storage, three years before beginning is heating up in the SkyDrive wars is completely come to an end. From the beginning of 360, Baidu and Tencent are increasing the free cloud storage space to win customers, to this year, HUAWEI SkyDrive Sina micro disk has been shut down or personal business, or have the transition to enterprise cloud storage, SkyDrive’s rapidly changing battlefield, under the dual pressures of competitors in the management and operation, has finally started back.

This is absolutely a

suffer from 360 users of SkyDrive, announced the news of the moment, seeing the circle of friends have expressed their Voices of discontent. Rush to hoard, mobile hard disk, the night will transfer several T on SkyDrive resources "". The safe transfer only once again proved that all of the data and information on the Internet, to us, not a permanent online, we can nip in the bud, and download the disk mode in the next period of time will likely continue to exist, there is prosperity.

in this era has gradually become accustomed to download, I also continue to maintain this tradition. So I can see this three years before SkyDrive has almost completely replaced the resource site, the Internet has become the first choice to download resources. As a result, businesses began to pay members to download, even if you do not have a member of the fast broadband speed, but also to be subject to your ordinary users.

but think through membership fee to operate SkyDrive or not too realistic, I observed the people around there is a personal experience, they in the SkyDrive wars, the harvest of this massive cloud storage space, has not let their purchase additional storage space will, then, SkyDrive has now have online watch, so, even if you are not a paid member (which we want to thank SkyDrive operators of mercy), you can still smooth online watch in the cloud storage, a lot of people are not of addiction, so many things are often read out in the SkyDrive, only those important things will download.


personal business to earn money, but also bear the risk supervision and policy, seems to have become the industry rapidly falling reason summary. But in fact, the responsibility to bear the brunt of strange words, or the company’s own responsibility, it is the first step to see the extensive operation step, to make many users of SkyDrive become "greedy", you can not let the user have tasted the sweetness, then the sweetness of back. In this regard, SkyDrive foreign operators is clearly more than our eyes.

Compared with the domestic

could give you a T SkyDrive space, Amazon and the ratio of it, it is not the "nouveau riche". Amazon has an unlimited photo storage business, the annual fee is about $12, while the Meiqimingyue "unlimited" business, in fact, storage space is only 5G, this space packed with hundreds of high pixel photo will. And if you want a real "unlimited" space, you will have to pay about $60 a year. This is where we pay