Social networking site failures How did Friendster and Myspace die


Zhu Ni is a social networking website has a very in-depth study of the snowball users, for Facebook LinkedIn, her analysis of the article is widely discussed by people in the snowball, and in this article, she led us back two social networking site in the Facebook before the rise is to gradually disappear. In her opinion, technical and social problems of Friendster and Myspace in the failed largely due to their heavy.

this problem not only in more than and 10 years ago has, until now, we can also see signs of danger from time to time that in some domestic social networking sites, Friendster and Myspace is not only a failed Internet story, it is a warning to the broad social networking site at any time alarm.

Myspace and others were a very peculiar business one in which companies might serially rise, fall, and disappear, as Influential peers pull others in on the climb up and signal to flee when it’s time to get out.

– Danah Boyd, a researcher at Microsoft senior Research

this paragraph is very good interpretation of the development of the SNS process, to hurry, go in a hurry. Look for these reasons, the development of today’s SNS is an important mirror.

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Friendster: xuhuo internal ecological

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Friendster is the authentic SNS (acquaintances social network based on the originator). In a few months after the launch in 2002 reached 3 million, a year later doubled to 8 million registered users (LinkedIn arrive at the first 1 million spent more than and 400 days), during the peak period of a week there are 20 million new users to join, every 20 minutes, it was said that Silicon Valley every three people almost have individuals in the use of Friendster, she is the largest SNS website before 2004.

TECH2IPO case: when the peak in 2008, Friendster has more than 115 million users, in 2009, by the Malaysia MOL Global to 2640>