The autumn leaves pay old wine in new bottles


notes, please think:

pay attention to the content of this new thing, how can we think and analyze


content is an air outlet, what other opportunities we can seize?

What are the patterns of

content paying products?

What is the difference between the

content and the content of the free content?

would like to chat with you today is the hottest topic, knowledge economy, content is how to pay for the same thing.

I generally do not take notes, I only do pattern recognition, which is done on the basis of the notes to do a more advanced ability.

pattern recognition, I must first determine who you are; you may be and what the past together; I can find the answer from the past experience; if you can’t find the answer, I should do what kind of innovation.

most of the world’s problems are:

old problems, old ways;

old problem, new method;

new problems, old ways.

only a few new problems, new ways.

if you encounter problems, you should know how to do? Can do to people, ordinary people are a waste of energy to do these, it is not with their own war? So I usually encounter this problem, I have to walk around, I do not do.

I learned from the college entrance examination is a very important learning experience: the problem will not do, how to do?. I don’t want the 20 points, from 750 points deducted 20 points and 730, I put the remaining more than and 730 take a point not to be good. Life is not every card can grasp in the hand, I just want to win the one I want.

said that the contents of the payment, in fact, I talk to you is: new problems, most of the old ways.

but now many people are very anxious, worried what? We see the flower (notes man eastern China president) the opportunity to seize the opportunity, seize the small Di teacher. Do not compare with fat, not to mention the father than ma. We do not envy the success of others, we envy the people around us almost – how did he succeed? This will bring us tremendous pressure.

but I don’t see why he’s so successful right now. I have found that the most profound thing I have ever understood in the world comes from my observation of the world, and from my imagination of the future. I don’t have a vision of the future. I don’t know what it is.

I would think of a question: the so-called economic content in the past, it is called "the cultural market of spiritual civilization". The original party has a word: "it is difficult to meet the growing spiritual and cultural needs of the masses," have heard of this sentence >