A super luxury car gone Pass the domain name icool.com to 7 digit transactions

renamed China (eName.cn) February 28th news, after 1 years of negotiations with the seller, investors finally acquired meters. Combination of the domain name icool.com, it is said that prices reach 7 figures.


figure: micro-blog information

domain icool.com consists of I and the word cool, universal, collection station safe, icool is also cool mobile phone synchronization software. Do not need to explain the meaning of the king, m website that simple, do not need to explain the domain name is a good domain name.

meters. Also disclosed that the seller is Korean, first price in the six digit, can accept the price, but in turn, the seller has changed, so m. Determined to take this domain name. "There’s no money for a super luxury car! I’m tired! I can rest now!"

meters before the main focus on the three domain name, there are a large number of the hands of the three domain names, such as old lake laojianghu.com, finger tip, shouzhijian.com, etc.. The acquisition of the global domain name, also be regarded as a transformation in the domain name investment.

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