nterpretation of the popular event marketing behind those drawbacks can not see

today’s society is a fast-paced era of chasing the time, the Internet is so. The Internet continues to write the myth of wealth, these successful cases have been widely spread to people. So we may no longer calm, whether it is business or personal webmaster, many in this kind of mentality, a and a pursuit of rapid fame or fast make money online promotion way has been pushed on the highest point. But behind this kind of fast channel, you may hide the disadvantages that I can’t find. The most obvious case is the popular event marketing, then this mode of online marketing and hidden what we do not know the drawbacks?. First of all, we need to understand what is the event marketing.


event marketing definition

for event marketing we can also be defined as a kind of speculation behavior, in today’s Internet industry by the operation of the overnight fame case is not uncommon. As long as you have enough money to invest and have the pressure of public opinion, then you are likely to become famous overnight through such online marketing. Of course, it is not to say that anyone who wants to become famous overnight will be able to become famous overnight, because in the event of marketing behind the stand is a perfect team. The precise planning team for your business, or personal site to build the theme of absorbing event, then the Internet looking for a large army (also known as the 50 Fen party) for the reprint spread.

for the operation of an event marketing I think we must meet several points: first of all, the topic must be controversial. The more controversial a topic, the faster the spread, the wider, the higher the degree of concern of Internet users. The same event marketing planners also need to be a good guide to the direction of the Internet users want to develop their own,. By a successful event marketing, you can let the enterprise or individual site overnight by many people, maybe it will bring good profit to your personal or business, but we also have to the main drawbacks of event marketing behind it brings.

event marketing defects

event marketing as well as the need to plan a suction theme, but more importantly, it is also looking for a large number of network promoter for this event to create a gimmick. And all of these funds are often higher than other forms of marketing. At the same time, we also need to note that we may attract a lot of attention from event marketing, but this kind of attention is often not long. Internet users are constantly looking for the topics they are interested in, and will not always be attached to an outdated topic. Perhaps this is the focus of the moment, but perhaps the next second you have been replaced by other more sensitive topics. Your fame or success is just a flash in the pan, if you want to continue to focus on this one, then you only continue to invest funds, continuous manufacturing gimmick to attract the attention of Internet users.

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