My good funny Oh new station promotion strategy


station is according to my personal experience to talk about my personal views. You can add. Because it is new sites, I have little experience to promote. Also read a lot of expert articles. Later, I think I do not say this method, even if I talk to you about my experience. We find useful. To help me propaganda. If useless. When you read the article soft bar. Ha-ha。。

I have a new website called "good funny Oh", the domain name is registered for a long time, but has not been a good job. Recently a little leisure, the station to build up. But there’s a problem. How to promote the new station. So I in Baidu, GOOGLE search for a long time, found that more advertising. No way, only to touch the stones across the river.

1: search in Baidu or GOOGLE and other famous search engines (free login), the site can be free to log on to the site to log all over again. I logged in about more than and 100 a day. Oh. Even if you can not log on completely, as long as you can reach fifty percent of the login rate. In fact, the most important is that some of the free login site in your website, you need to do a link. I hate this. I don’t log in on this website. But there’s a lot of free. You can use the search engine to search out the address to log on. After about two days, YAHOO and GOOGLE have been included in "" have about one hundred. Now Baidu has not included. Baidu may be included in the slow reason. Another period of time to see what progress, the first time to tell you. Oh.

2: sometimes you feel like you’re on a foreign website. In fact, I log in a few foreign free login, a day will come to a few IP, oh. I feel good。 Even if you can not bring IP, but at least you add the chain bar. Oh, it’s still necessary. How to find a foreign login address. You can search for "free login" in the search engines, some of their ancestors will put some free login foreign site together. You can log on one by one. Oh.

my two days of promotion gimmick is like this. I hope you continue to add. First time writing articles. Oh. Hope that we support ah. I hope you can visit our station guide. Novice touch stone across the river, I share with you. Hope that we progress together. Ah..

had a meeting with a webmaster Exchange Promotion, I told him to "feed" side. Do not know if this method can not be regarded as a generalization of the law, but to bring traffic to our owners. I think even if it is a promotion method.

1: what are the functions of

?Answer: YAHOO

, 365KEY, CSDN of VIVI, Sina, Oracle, > fanchon.

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