Taobao search new regulations have been thwarted official said it had reported to the police

part of the seller and Taobao search for new regulations on the confrontation is being upgraded. Yesterday, said, some have to regulate the operation of sellers began to use a variety of illegal means to hinder the normal conduct of the new rules, this behavior has seriously affected the normal operation of the electronic commerce market order, Taobao has to report to the police.

in July 8th this year, Taobao to adjust the order of commodity search rules, increase the quality of service in the search results of the impact of weight. Taobao also announced seven search cheating, including advertising, commodity speculation credit, misplaced categories and attributes, the abuse of keywords, commodity price discrepancies, postage inconsistent serious title picture description.

, however, Taobao "goodwill" has been part of the seller’s boycott. There are some sellers gathered in Hangzhou Taobao statement to beg, and restore the original goods in accordance with the requirements of Taobao on the shelf time sorting rules, but Taobao did not protest to make concessions.

it is reported that the evening of July 24th, a gang of credit hype based network forces surfaced, of which about 10 organizers use chat tools to send out action plans and instructions.

in opposition to Taobao search rules in the QQ group, someone called to be organized to warn those who participate in the train through the seller, within three days to limit the closing of the train, or on his goods".

through the car business is Taobao launched for the seller in accordance with the amount of billing advertising business. Malicious click on the train, it is equivalent to make Taobao’s seller to pay more unnecessary advertising costs, thereby increasing the seller’s advertising expenses, so that their interests damaged.

it is reported that many sellers have been forced to cancel the train service.


, said, will be attracted to such dark forces and damage Taobao shopping environment "online underworld" behavior, so for some damage to businesses, Taobao will have the corresponding treatment measures.

"to disrupt the market order of the seller, we will use the technology to track, also welcome harassment to the Taobao report, Taobao will be the joint public security organs thorough investigation in the end, will not be tolerated." Taobao said.

Taobao stakeholders also said that last year, Taobao has launched a crackdown on speculation credit behavior, was also a strong opposition to the fried letter black industry chain. The search for the implementation of the new regulations encounter such a big obstacle, indicating that Taobao search ranking rules have achieved initial success, hit the speculation letter of the interests of the black industry chain.

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