Classification information website promotion should pay attention to several points

Wuhan SEO and everyone, every day will go back to some sort of information platform to send some information on the company’s business, by the way who also made the chain. At present, the network information platform, large and small, there are hundreds more, for such a large amount of the platform, we should be how to choose? Wuhan SEO that the first should according to their own business needs, such as local website or product, the first choice for local the platform, such as 58 in Wuhan and so on; if the industry is relatively strong, the industry is the first platform, such as Alibaba, second is to determine the number of platforms according to the time and effort, select the platform after the test a few days, every day to publish information on each platform above, and pay attention to your search engine rankings and that screened included fast, ranking good site. So repeatedly, until the accumulation of a sufficient number of high-quality platform.


is the title of the information to meet user search habits, the principle of classification information promotion is the use of classified information platform as a weight high, release information to attract customers and traffic from search engines. One of the keys to determining the effect is the title. Only to ensure the daily search habits can meet the user’s title, from the search engines allow users to find you to get traffic, so we have to bother to study the target users search habits, you know what they care about, price and quality service, customer service, and then put these into the title in Wuhan, SEO believes the headline well, in line with the user search habits, it is half the battle. Don’t be too long.

information content must be original, the search engine is to love included, for the quality of the content, will be easy to get more value ranking, with a content to avoid repetition, posting content on the characteristics of the product, your company’s business advantage, application method and technique etc.. It is important to note that some SEOER simply in order to increase the chain, the content of the post makes up the mess up, so even if users to search your post, also can let a person feel unreal, but not flow. Post carefully prepared will make others feel that you are very professional, can solve practical problems, and thus enhance the conversion rate.

release time, classified information platform flow should not be overlooked, so we should pay attention to in its own propaganda platform. The flow of information platform is the focus of the local information channels or columns of the home page, so we can release information in different time periods. This allows users to log in different time periods, to maximize their own display rate, are likely to see our information in the channel or column page.

Stay on the

link, Wuhan SEO every time we leave the link at the end of the post, this is not only conducive to the flow of ascension can also increase the chain, which is more directly to flow into your website link form is not limited to the home page, the product page also should stay. This will help improve ZhengZhan weight. To be >

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