The story of me and Vc (4) -Vc booklet

after the toss, VC attitude to calm a lot, already know that VC is not good to take the money, and back to the liberation, the only honest do stand.

simply talk about the development of the website in 05~06.

in 2005, the site ranked 20 thousand, monthly income of 10 thousand, the staff of the 2 (or their own, wife, the 2 brothers). This time began to concentrate on the core competitiveness of the site, looking for new directions. After a period of preparation, the development of a set of game station development program, began to do a solid game station development. Then think about this time to prepare for the rapid growth of the site to do enough preparation. Unlike many talented webmasters, I’ve been relying on years of experience and feelings, and I’m more willing to think about what I’m doing and decide to stick with it. In fact, many people do not stand an accurate positioning, lack of core competitiveness of the site is to begin, the chance of success is very little, about how to locate a website, I will be with you again after the discussion.

2006, the site ranked 5000, monthly income of 30 thousand. The staff of 7 people (in addition to their own and his wife, but also lucky to recruit another powerful team of three people). In three, a technical master or I know, as of now, the most fierce people in the program, very talented children; one is a sales, can quickly become friends and strangers; there is a strong sense of responsibility of the MM team, decent. All together, do every detail, increase website server, optimization program, improve the user experience, to carry out extensive cooperation, and Sina, Tencent, Pacific and other portals to establish a preliminary cooperation, several months every day immersed in the happiness of.

this time, feel good. Just want to calm the tree and the wind is more than, has been chasing the Vc can not catch up with me, and we follow.

Vc player 1:

identity: angel investor

location: Guangzhou

capital injection: equity acquisition

one day suddenly received a phone call, disturb the peace of the past. Told me to want to buy the site, I think it is an opportunity to immediately go to Guangzhou, when the price is about 350 thousand of the acquisition of shares of 70%. The results go after the buyer said, another 50 thousand, just to give you 300 thousand, sell transactions, not to sell you go. Angry, back to Xi’an to continue to do.

capital deception often sounds real.

Vc player 2:

identity: company

location: Chengdu

capital injection: the company acquired

received an invitation from **L, a wholly foreign-owned company, and booked a plane ticket to Chengdu and invited me to Chengdu for an interview. After that, I met two Singaporeans who were very polite and very welcome

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