Comments more than half of the Chinese Web page will disappear within a year

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IE8 release, ACID 3 officially launched the test, sound technical progress is to let people excited, while the Chinese website is a great threat: this means that more than half of the Chinese Webpage or within a year to achieve the web standards, or disappear on the internet. No standard Chinese Internet known to the world. The three major portals, Baidu QQ use all non-standard web pages. When IE 8 officially released and universal, the Chinese Internet will face reshuffle. Most of the non-standard pages will not be displayed forever " disappear on the Internet ".

but now, only less than a year.

What is the

web standard?

web standards, for the Chinese people is a stranger than the browser is also a noun.

simply says that the browser is the software you use to look at the web page, and the web standard is to let the browser listen to the page. If the page code tells the browser to display "1", the browser should not show "2"".

is currently the standard web developer W3C organization, founded by his father Tim Berners Lee, now includes a large number of manufacturers and academic institutions, such as NOKIA, Opera, Microsoft.

for a long time, the standard in the hands of W3C constantly evolving upgrades, technically and has been perfect; HTML5 standard and even joined the audio and video on the web related details. At the same time, the world’s web pages are more and more do not meet the standards.

reason is very simple, as the number of people in the world to occupy the absolute advantage of the Microsoft IE browser, is an obedient browser. When the code tells it to show "1", it will not hesitate to show "2".

Microsoft IE: non-standard is the core competitiveness of

official website on Microsoft, a clear support for network standards. In fact, Microsoft has been in private.

through the 90s Windows operating system bundled browser, Microsoft, in one fell swoop, the former browser overlord Netscape Co sweep out.

Since then, the IE browser has become the de


error becomes the truth if things go on like this. When most web developers want to make 2 of the page, the code will write "show the number of 1". The web is full of non-standard web pages, because the standard web pages are not displayed in IE,

for other browsers, this is a disaster. Because Microsoft’s non-compliance is completely opaque, there is no documentation to tell you that IE will show 1 to 2. When other browsers display 1 as a code, the number of users complained that the browser is not normal, while the.

this is IE>

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