Network marketing is sometimes more simple way more effective

now many companies feel that the promotion of the method is not independent and comprehensive. Always feel that others are doing too simple without meaning, counterproductive, but the effect is not good, in fact, this depends on the structure of the enterprises to choose their own, in fact a very simple method sometimes can have great benefits.

small businesses can now be said spring rises, as rapidly as the collapse of mayflies. For many enterprises, always think that your publicity is not in place, the promotion of comprehensive enough, blindly feel is the only detonated network promotion, network marketing is the essence that ignores the enterprise mode, scale and cost problems. Not all methods are good.

give you a very representative example in the Pingjiang river renovation team is the only big brother forum to do business is booming, of course there is learning more, I say to you about it. The first place here in Nanjing have a great influence on the Forum – xicihutong. This forum can be said to influence involving the country, this forum can also open the page, so the river is stationed here. Then he started from his own, to portray itself as a person, a person, not a cold enterprise, through his personal story, to promote their own, but also to everyone’s trust, that Jiang’s brother’s character did not have to say, looking for him for decoration. Let the user on the network to monitor him, saying that if we do not decorate well, you can go to the network to report him, with the entire network of public oversight, to the customer can also be said to be more secure. In addition to encourage customers to write a diary of your own house decoration, change bit by bit, and the renovation team communication during the course of the story, are recorded on the forum, so that not only the relationship between users and deeper, is also a help decoration team do publicity, after all only user will be users trust, even if you blow on enterprises the day is not the answer, the most important thing is faithfulness, some users at other sites look gorgeous decoration, to find Jiang’s brother decoration, but that is even more beautiful the flashy without substance. Someday you will look tired and a waste of space utilization, Jiang brother can timely communicate with the customer. Why don’t you say, 1, save money. 2 increase space utilization. This really for the customer to consider, how can not fire it?

is not used so that more complex method is good, but a suitable business situation for yourself is the best, Jiang’s brother on the renovation of a total of 3 people to get this thing, so few people have such a good effect. You say that an enterprise not to get a total of 20 people, more than and 10 network marketing personnel is why? Although the network marketing is very important, very good, but must according to the situation of their building, do not like the donkey horse, the cannon to fight mosquitoes.

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