Talk about network viral marketing from H1N1 influenza


(H1N1 flu spread speed, the reasons are the following: 1, to 2; the spread of the virus, the virus spread good environment (densely populated area); 3, the virus is hidden (table, phone); 4, the virus of tenacious vitality. Inspired by the spread of H1N1 influenza, the author summarizes some of the network marketing experience.

many scenic area managers about network video communication, many people think that TV advertisements, scenic film moved directly to the network media Everything will be fine.. However, in the face of tens of thousands of information, the audience determines the reins of information, can not have enough appeal, the audience will be the hands of the mouse to kill.

good video their feet long, can not rely on the need to buy the media channels, by virtue of unstoppable charm to capture numerous users as a transit station spread, spread by way of virus spread. Of course, first of all to ensure that their travel video is a strong virus carriers". So, how to make video clips viral

?In 2006

, a network to spread the video so that people around the world: the night, a group of be struck dumb masked "graffiti" over the sharp barbed wire, the United States Air Force base successfully into heavily-guarded, went straight to the United States President Bush’s plane "Air Force One" side, quickly in the fairing spray "STILLFREE" big slogan. The film even alerted the U.S. air force, immediately ordered to check the presidential plane is really being "poisonous".

until the producer appeared about the whole process of the event after the The case is entirely cleared. New York, a fashion company to attract attention, in an airport in California rented a large number of Boeing 747 aircraft, converted into air force one, then made the short film. The renowned fashion film, and the film also won the Cannes lions award.

so, Tan Xiaofang teachers do not understand this, the domestic spring and autumn tourism why keep the aircraft, you can not play such a creative it?

I have

you have, we can only rely on the bayonet to solve problems that many people travel marketing dilemma, they often complain about the lack of new and effective marketing tactics. But is this really the case? Of course not! Tan Xiaofang teacher said: just because everybody the same vision made the homogenization of competition, and widen the vision of practice needs the ability of future trend of tourism master.

2006 "eleven" golden week value of the traditional Mid Autumn Festival, double to tourism promotion, is also friends and relatives to bless each other the best time. During the holidays, mango net for all new and old customers launched a special tickets send coupons "," Hotel "send coupons promotional activities.

how to use the opportunity of these activities, seize the link between tourism and blessings, do a more interactive, touch the user’s emotional deep marketing activities?

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