VR to live fire to traditional media occasion mobile broadcast

Abstract: a careful look at the current live market, there are still two opportunities gap waiting to fill. One is currently broadcast is the main content of the red star, net to drive, there is no real sense of systematic deep content; two is to become the content of precipitation live broadcast content after pain points, namely, lead users can not deposit on the platform.



by visual China authorized titanium media using

in the first half of this year China Mobile Internet phenomenal application, and VR is none other than non live.

decline in traditional media channels at the same time, live and VR as a new way to spread fame: Recently, the media said, "wonderful mewe" founder Ma Dong live open, also attracted about 6000000 people watch online, which makes traditional media people Ma Dong was not expected to complete.

high quality content is becoming the core of "ELLE" magazine in the United States took full live Fan Bingbing Paris fashion week, the United States took account of ELLEplus an hour powder 100 thousand; April, Liu Tao live "Ode to joy" press conference, 710 thousand fans on-line scraper, cause network paralysis, brought a lot of attention to this topic live to the East satellite tv.

is not only the traditional sense of the star, even the "Red Net entrepreneur Lei Jun after playing with a live call" live is really fun. "After that, just like Zuckerberg, was broadcast live by. Indeed, the first impression of live to many people is fun, and in the case of the last month, we can see the combination of traditional media + live, has become a new phenomenon:

this transformation means that the traditional media in the decline of the old channel today, with the quality of the content of the production capacity of the explosive energy. The broadcast is a breakthrough in its transformation.

VR came, live fire, "news broadcast" how to cut into


this year, the most important industry trend is virtual reality (VR), the first half of this year, the most popular application is fire. They are the product of the new media, but also the traditional media in WeChat, micro-blog, the client, the next attempt to embrace new things.

NPC and CPPCC reported this year, most notably VR, in addition to Sina News, Baidu news, Youku, music as the Internet media to actively use VR for rendering NPC and CPPCC reports, people’s daily, the client using VR technology hassle observation session, Xinhua news agency is shooting 19 VR video, including press conferences, meetings, interviews even with the games, have greatly enhanced the interaction and participation of users. "Guangming Daily", "Economic Daily" and "Legal Evening News" have also carried out a new attempt to VR video coverage of the two sessions.

but from the point of view of the user experience, the form of VR report is still just trying stage, users are mostly holding a curious attitude to experience. Mobile client experience

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