Shi Yuzhu’s new book how to sum up his nine marketing experience

[introduction] the name of Shi Yuzhu, and marketing simply bundled together.


Tencent technology Liu Shaodong reported on June 19th

Shi Yuzhu (micro-blog) retired, this in the history of the development of China private enterprises there are many controversial message in micro-blog, I hope you forget this guy Shi Yuzhu".

but how can forget? The memory of Shi Yuzhu China the whole field of private enterprises, like his "melatonin" ads, you will stay in my mind, lingering.

, as he did in the Shi Yuzhu readme: my marketing experience, a book mentioned, do marketing have to make products in people’s minds impressed." Shi Yuzhu’s name, just tied up with marketing.

in the marketing case of Shi Yuzhu, the "melatonin" marketing is the most impressive, as China advertising history of heterogeneous, melatonin has done 10 years of advertising in Chinese, has been named one of the "ten worst advertising song", but this is the foundation of commercial advertising, Shi Yuzhu forces.

this book in Shi Yuzhu after retirement, was published, and Shi Yuzhu how to look at why people with melatonin, scolding advertising, in this book see one or two slightly, some marketing experience is the following:

Shi Yuzhu

1 is a lot of old people love melatonin, but because they do not want to own too expensive to buy, but to buy their children very happy, therefore, melatonin is sold with parents of young people.

The goal of

2 advertising is to remember, the most afraid of advertising to change, if a change, the effect of the previous accumulation of advertising will disappear. Therefore, the effect of advertising is the accumulation of melatonin advertising in recent years does not change.

3 with respect to the advertising itself, the more important advertisement, more can not be changed, it is important to advertising language, people have to remember that it is very easy to remember, this year’s holiday gifts, gifts received only melatonin is a sentence, the sentence for 10 years, all Chinese remembered.

4 more than 90% of consumer goods companies, the lifeblood of marketing, marketing lifeline in advertising. If the company is marketing driven, then advertising is the company’s most important company, must be the first to grasp.

5 if the advertising company to do creative, there are ten creative blind, because advertising, must be the most understanding of their products, the most profound experience of consumers, in order to do a good job in order to do a good job in the.

6 "best" advertising, died in the past second years, the worst advertising, still alive after 10 years. "Melatonin" advertising is the worst advertising, because broadcast too much, the impression is profound, and everyone on the heart of the advertisement is inconsistent. But the effect of advertising is not related to the evaluation of advertising itself.

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