Stationmaster net daily broadcast three horses appeared. Zhong an online P2P net loan crisis in the

1 electricity supplier duopoly war eleven Jingdong play psyche

eleven is Tmall double singles years pushing the promotion day, due to the dual eleven users know, netizens concept in the heart has become the supplier of promotional Festival, all platforms have double bonus of eleven. In the minds of Internet users are no longer the double eleven and Tmall binding, each business platform Gexianshentong, electricity resources war climax. After years of accumulation and competition, Jingdong, Tmall has become a duopoly business platform in the industry level of most concern, the double eleven is two more layout in the flow, logistics, marketing, creative technology, even for one month in advance.

2.P2P net loan in "chain crisis" the rights of investors and confused

"now is the speed of a day out." Shanghai P2P net loan investors Wu Tong (a pseudonym) laments, I put the money scattered on a number of platforms, the results of most of the accident."

Phoenix said, is the experience at P2P platform runs. Following the P2P platform last month after the wave, after November, finance investment, house loan, credit universe, venture capital, Baofeng Pengcheng copper loans, loans and many other P2P net loan platform for cash payment difficulties, and these problems P2P have a higher expected rate of return, the investment threshold is low in common.

, according to an investigation by reporters, the current proliferation of P2P payment storm, in addition to someone else P2P operation itself there are problems, but also with the net loan group model and part of the investors scattered investment related. At the same time, there are also mutual borrowing phenomenon between the part of the P2P platform, and these problems have led to a run on many P2P platform "chain reaction".

at the same time, the aforementioned P2P platform in response to the payment crisis has also taken a different strategy, while part of the P2P platform to stop operations and payment has been reported due to investors and the public security department investigation.

at present, most investors gathered in the online and offline platform to carry out rights issues. Due to the lack of corresponding supervision departments and regulations, some investors are confused rights way.

3.58 city listed back behind: Baidu power triple jump

October 31st, 58 city (NYSE:WUBA) officially listed on the NYSE, becoming the country’s first listing of classified information companies, listed on the first day of the company’s shares rose by 41.88%, sought after by investors.

58 city was founded in 2005, Yao Jinbo classified information website. He spent 8 years trying to prove that the city may become the service area of Taobao, he may become the number one entrepreneur in China’s webmaster circle. Yao Jinbo ten years ago on to build a website, domain name, reselling the first pot of gold, has now become one of the identity of $450 million, China Internet gangster, completed the "grass root" to "

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