nternet brand advertising will change

Liu Xinhua: today’s topic is to gather the media resources to gather together to share the brand advertising budget. This does not seem to really want to share the money, but in fact it is a trend. China now according to the news yesterday, has become the world’s largest Internet market, with the US market prospects in the United States, many advertisers get news from today, for the automotive industry, IT industry, Intel industry chain company, by the end of this year or next year, they expect about 60% of the market budget into the internet. Although the industry did not migrate, but we will find that he is entering a turning point in the transition, which is to provide a lot of good opportunities for the Internet here.

brand vulnerabilities will drain a large number of customers, the Internet can make up for

we are a local company, for 8 or 9 years, at present our largest strategic shareholder is Olny come, which is the world’s largest public relations advertising group. At present, its market value is $15 billion 100 million, we have a lot of media, there are many interactive media companies, the first time in the history of the last year to become the world’s interactive interactive advertising company. We are more and more concerned about internet marketing, the Internet provides a way to subvert the traditional brand management.

before we are in traditional advertising, is fragmented. What is a brand from the cognition to the interest, to have the urge to buy, to desire, resulting in action, we often talk about time is a typical brand vulnerability, this brand vulnerabilities will be the loss of a large number of customers, the Internet provides such a possibility, before Shen Zong also mentioned about, actually because of the function of Internet inside, plus the Internet community development, brand to be completed in four phases of things, gradually can be integrated, you can contact the Internet, the rapid formation of cognition of some products, understand the information through the search, the third party blog can understand through more views, in this context you through the video, and even the game closer feeling, but also like Taobao web site to purchase. This is one of the biggest gospel for advertisers, with the increasingly fierce competition, may be formed to buy cycle for three months, finally may be less than 5% people left, this cycle can be completed within a day probably, its turnover rate is no longer the brand vulnerabilities, most is the brand the ladder, will make the whole marketing efficiency and improve.

Internet advertising now have great growth, when I speak with the advertising industry trend, especially the first time in the last meeting of Baidu Baidu, just a few months ago Baidu shares exceeded $300, basically has a 30% decline in global stock markets, Baidu has launched a lot of new products in a over the past month, the strong growth, and now the stock has reached 350 dollars, up 78%, according to the evaluation of America’s IH and extended many degree optimistic about Baidu’s future advantage alliance. Since Baidu began to increase the brand advertisers from last year’s service, the brand advertisers believe that is actually >

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