Foreign media exposure 2014 highest priced.COM domain name nearly $42 million

renamed China ( January 14th news, according to foreign media reports, last year in the overseas market domain, single letter domain to 800 million yen, about 41 million 580 thousand yuan price won the 2014 overseas reported.COM domain name transaction list price.


figure: 2014 high priced.COM domain

GMO, a Japanese Internet giant, has invested heavily in buying, which is one of the world’s only 26 single letter.COM domain names, the value of the extraordinary.

ranked second millet company spent $3 million 600 thousand, about $22 million 440 thousand to buy the meter single fight domain name The domain is not only more concise than the original domain name to remember, and millet company brand image consistent, more conducive to the internationalization of the road.

The domain name "

wine whisky" for $3 million 100 thousand, equivalent to approximately RMB 19 million yuan price followed by the "game" Larry domain to the price of 15 million yuan ranked fourth, digital domain name with the price of 12 million yuan ranked fifth.

in addition, there are 1261000 US dollars. Pat, 2 letter domain name to $1200000 from $1000000. Pat, pat,, and

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