Social responsibility of social media from the perspective of 404 public welfare

There are millions or tens of millions of the 404 page

page every day, how can have been dull as ditch water resources waste, and every day to see the same cues, as do some social welfare. NotFound Project is a project by Missing Children Europe and European Federation for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children jointly launched the charity organization, they hope to use the idle space network play public power: let more people to help find missing children. It Chinese every year tens of thousands of children lost or abducted, 1/10 is not able to get it back, a terrible thing, children are the hope of our country, if there is a loss of tens of thousands of children each year, in the course of time, resulting in social influence is bad, how to find the possible loss of children? Only to mobilize the whole society power. Who has the ability to mobilize the whole society.

Missing Children Europe officials Waerliya · (Valeria Setti) said, ‘through this project, the organization will be published in the 404 missing children error page names and photos, and provides links to sites, and provide more information for the user. The page will also design a button to facilitate the user to know their own business and personal information, it is recommended that they install the same page on their website. The project to attract more partners, and expand the tentacles, will use geographic positioning technology to provide information about missing children near the user’s location.

"you visit the page can not be back! But we can come together to find the missing baby", a warm prompt, and public information about the missing baby, this is QQ’s new "404 public" page. 404 is one of the HTTP status codes that are used to guide visitors to another page when the user does not see a page or a link error, often referred to as the "404 error page"". QQ space product creative team, the "error into 404 public, 404 in public photos and information embedded in the page of missing children, let QQ user attention, diffusion more, and help you find the missing child, was friends known as" the most love public welfare 404".

in front of the network no one knows who you are. Thus the integrity of the Internet has become a vital social weight, social media is always an invisible hand, dancing in the keyboard, the message to all the needs of the people. Such a play, not only the heart of pure and honest, but also requires greater effort, ability and wisdom. The spirit of the Internet on the one hand we want to work together to maintain our common network home, on the other hand, we only have mutual cooperation and mutual assistance, in order to work together to weave this network. The responsibility of social media is dedication

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