Entrepreneurs and investors have to face a lot of decision test can trust intuition

every day, entrepreneurs and investors have to face a lot of decision test. For example, entrepreneurs need to determine the process and direction of product iteration, recruit a person, or open a person, investors have to decide whether or not to vote for a project.  

how do you make a right decision between a variety of choices and a judgment?

every time you ask someone about the secret of a good decision, a lot of successful people come out with a smile: "trust your instincts!"

in fact, if a person in the state, "without thinking" by the simple "intuition" to make a full impact, it is hard to say is true, even is not reliable.

why is it that intuition and intuition are different?.

from the acquisition of knowledge, it is difficult to pull the difference between people and people, but for the information processing and finishing, systematic and structured to guide people to make new decisions, this process will be very different. So before you choose to trust your intuition, you have to look at what you are doing.

recently, the customer relationship management platform Intercom author Geoffrey Keating in "the right intuition (THE RIGHT KIND OF INTUITION)" this article, detailed stress how simple intuition is not reliable.

in his view, entrepreneurs often face an uncertain world. In order to counter this uncertainty, people usually have a stress response, not based on the possibility of in-depth thinking, but will make a quick, intuitive decisions. Moreover, people tend to think that their instincts are right.

is exactly the opposite. Especially when we rely on the wrong way of thinking, intuition is often wrong, but also misleading us.

why is this


because when we are thinking, will take a "expert intuition (expert intuition)", it seems very professional, but we need to rely on the familiar things, such as decision making positive feedback past work. For example, we can see that the number of blue buttons is more than the number of red buttons. Well, next time, we’ll feel (this is a kind of intuition), or if it’s blue.

to some extent, to rely on past experience to make decisions, this is a very safe, and even let us succeed. For example, the book return on investment can be more than 10%, but it should be noted that this is not a risky choice also means that it may miss the return of 10000 times.

is interesting, we are likely to fall into this "expert intuition" frame, conservative, did not dare to take risks, it is difficult to update the intuitive response system of their own, but since.

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