These are good copy should be

said the last show in the form of text, that today Hefei talent network Xiaobian want to chat with you, what a good copy of what should be included! Some operators said, do not copy in order to highlight the company’s products, and then cause a netizen’s desire to buy it, although this is our ultimate goal, but such a "pure" copy is often difficult to attract people to watch it! So small that a good copywriter should not be explained only from the perspective of the product, we may be able to attract netizens from another angle


1, from us, what can you get instead of simply buying the product

most of the site sales staff that work with copy promotion of our products is daily on the Internet, but you have not thought about such a "pure selling" copy, there are a few people can see it?

said "we are good", but for netizens, "you will feel the product is good, and what is the relationship between me, and I don’t want to buy", or some of the needs of users will think "price is not reasonable, why can’t I choose more cost-effective company?" if we all think so, the small can only say at this point of the copy is not good, we need to adjust the starting point of the


really want to let consumers have the desire to buy, first you need to tell him that we are in the end what is the use, of course this is the starting point for everyone to It differs from man to man., after all, this product demand is not the same, as each need to lose weight, she is different in the area, some people want to reduce some people want to have elephant legs, waist and so on. So when writing, we need to understand the different needs of the people, only the precise positioning, you can copy a watch inside



2, citing public figures to increase credibility

as many fans will be chasing their idol with everything, such as clothes, shoes, accessories and so on, this shows the public figures for mass appeal, so why can’t we use the public figure copy? "Such as make-up masters love makeup small objects", and then teach you how to draw a fine throughout the makeup, and then began to recommend their products, of course not only their own products, but with some really good cosmetic items, such a copy but can bring a lot of real consumption


any industry can be used to increase the credibility of public figures, of course, if the company has a physical product, it is necessary to think about how to recommend a public will see, and there is a consumer impulse copy Oh!

3, this copy, can let us make up the screen?!

In fact,

, one of the great God has said, a good copy is will bring us a picture, the picture is of course specific image, rather than abstract mode >

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