You do not know the electricity business in ndia or the birth of billions of dollars

[Abstract] a large population, traffic chaos and other unique national conditions in India means that the electricity supplier in the country a greater market prospects.

Tencent science and technology news in the global Internet market, a large population of China and India, often tied to the media as a typical representative of the emerging markets two. Growth in the smart phone, Internet users and many other areas of growth, China and India have eye-catching data, attracting the eyes of the Internet giant.

in a field of e-commerce, however, India lags far behind china. Relevant institutions predict that this year Chinese e-commerce scale will exceed $180 billion, and the electricity supplier giant Alibaba last year’s Singles Day has nearly $6 billion in retail sales.


market? According to Technopak data, last year the network retail only $2 billion 300 million last year, retail sales for the Alibaba, day one day 1/3.

however, this summer, India e-commerce market staged a strong feudal hegemony war. Amazon announced a $2 billion investment, India local electricity supplier boss of Flipkart, a $1 billion financing, another giant Snapdeal, is also not a sign of weakness, will soon announce new investment transactions.

– war time

e-commerce in India for a long time, why in the summer of 2014, the beginning of the emergence of the dazzling giant melee, according to media analysis, there are many reasons Alibaba listing, India policy reform.

China’s Alibaba group, which controls 80% of China’s e-commerce market, has become the dominant player. Ali group is preparing to be listed on the New York stock exchange, the latest news is the listing date may be September 16th.

Alibaba’s valuation of more than 100 billion U.S. dollars, causing the attention of the global media. The listing of the case, it may hit the highest record of the history of technology companies listed financing.

Alibaba’s high valuation, reflecting the huge potential and charm of China’s e-commerce market, the valuation, but also wake up India e-commerce practitioners.

Flipkart Snapdeal, the local electricity supplier, then under the tutelage of the United States online retail giant Amazon, now they want to be "India’s Alibaba", with the hope that India’s huge Internet market, with a high valuation.

India New Delhi retail industry research firm Technopak vice president Singer (Pragya Singh) said: "all the people in the offensive guard, expanding their market share, all people are aware of the enormous potential of the electricity supplier in India market."

valuation for Alibaba, Flipkart executives said, India can also create a local $100 billion electricity supplier company >

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