Baidu salon share Baidu search the latest developments in Beijing Railway Station

November 22nd, Baidu Webmaster Platform high-end salon after the Beijing Railway Station, on the two floor of the Hotel Wangfujing Huayuan Liaoba held as scheduled, from A5 marketing, CNTV, SouFun, Sohu, etc. dozens of well-known websites on the Internet elite together. During the Baidu LEE team, mobile search, Baidu webmaster platform, Baidu Gallery engineers on the current Baidu search for the latest dynamic introduced.

first, Baidu Webmaster Platform (Cao Lili) introduced the webmaster how to search engine interaction and how to use the webmaster tools to help web site operators are introduced in the three part of Baidu Webmaster Platform, these content can help the webmaster understand how Baidu webmaster tools for reasonable use of web service.

then is relatively heavyweight figure, Lee (Xiong Yongzhi) introduced some plan for the future of Baidu search, Baidu will share he mentioned the role in the future for a period of time gradually enlarged, will play a certain effect in the search ranking. In addition, LEE also focuses on the quality system of Baidu.


analysis of A5 marketing, the site is not only top quality content can obtain the ideal, the content is only a part of the construction of quality system, website quality, quality, quality of the same page resources can not be ignored, it is worth the webmaster to think.

finally, Baidu mobile search engineer Luo Xujian and Baidu engineers were Gallery speech, worthy of attention is the December mobile search webmaster have relatively large movements, the PC page information will be gradually disappears from the mobile search, no mobile site’s webmaster to go here to claim their own website (

Through the

salon, A5 marketing ( believes that Baidu search next year will move constantly, the webmaster can pass Webmaster Platform to keep abreast of changes in the latest Baidu algorithm, problems can feedback and communication platform in.

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