B2B2C do with the idea of community O2O at home point by ten million U.S. dollars A round of financi

O2O community service platform "

in Shanghai told the 36 krypton at home little", has completed several million A round of financing in September last year, Sequoia Capital Chinese Fund led, Gao Rong capital, the amount of funds and other institutions with investment at the same time, a new round of financing will be completed. It is reported that this round of financing will be mainly used for the development of technology platform to help businesses settled in the platform to grow and continue to strengthen the supply chain services.

founder Zhou Yufeng told the 36 krypton, the team to do this thing in mind is to start thinking from the group purchase. They think O2O is divided into such a few scenarios: at home, on the road, in the office, where the opportunity is relatively large. In addition, the Internet group purchase business logic is reselling flow and distribution. But the reality is that you put the traffic to the merchant, the merchant is not willing to pay, the reason is very simple, businesses feel that you do not, my business is still very good. Therefore, when the second group purchase competition stage, the platform began to compete for business, for example, will advance this year to obtain exclusive buyout coupons, qualification.

was supposed to be a platform for traffic entrance, and now businesses become the entrance. In other words, when the relationship between supply and demand is very stable, the value of the Internet in the middle do not match." Zhou Yufeng said.

The status of

family in this scene is: the area has more than 1 thousand people, around the store, the fruit shop is one or two, their relationship is not the ends, so it can not be used matching platform for ideas to do, need to recognize is the close relationship between businesses and users. Therefore, the little home from the B2B2C chose to do this direction, rather than the direct B2C platform ideas.


specifically at home, little practice is to find a number of "new", this group of people may be the convenience store manager, may also be the wage earners, street peddler was just graduated from college in the community, they will rent a garage or blank room used as a warehouse, where the service is located each merchant business district, about 500 SKU, FMCG mainly covers the snacks, drinks -.

, that is to say, the emerging community manager can "become the area where the merchants at home little", provide express transceiver, generation of convenience goods sales, sales, Vegetable & Fruit fresh dry cleaning, maintenance and other services for the surrounding residents, an average of 30 minutes served, and platform of business and sales into ginseng and delivery. From another point of view, it does things like the campus O2O platform 59 Store and the house, just put the scene into a larger community. In Zhou Yufeng’s view, the campus O2O problems is the first user life cycle is short, the second building is a long drive without the community manager to be big, because this is just a temporary work.

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