feng.com edit delete money was sentenced to 5 years in each of the 800 received a total of 80 thous

Phoenix Internet Information Center editor Qiu, the use of his office to each 800 yuan price for others paid delete posts, just over a year on bribes of more than 11 yuan. Suspicion of non national staff bribery, Qiu was sentenced to 5 years in the first instance court, after Qiu appealed against. The reporter learned yesterday, Beijing city court to dismiss the appeal and upheld the original verdict is final.

delete posts suspected of taking bribes

it is understood that Qiu, 28 years old, in October 2010 to enter the Ministry of education, the Ministry of public interest in the Internet in June 2011, the official entry. After the entry of qiumou was assigned to group news information center, is mainly responsible for reprint news. According to the prosecution allegations, qiumou from October 2012 to October 2013, repeatedly accepted Lu Moumou (female, handled separately) entrusted by post convenience website editor, on the website to delete information and accepting illegal, Lu Moumou payment totaling RMB 11.8 yuan. Prosecutors believe that Qiu’s behavior has violated the provisions of the criminal law, constitute a non national staff bribery.

during the trial, Qiu accused the prosecution did not dispute the charges. But the total amount of the accused qiumou that bribery exists errors at the same time, qiumou also proposed a legitimate operation after approval of changes to the web links in this part of the scope of change should not be accused of the post.

each 800 claiming to receive a total of 80 thousand

Qiu confession, in August 2012, a woman surnamed Lu initiative to come to the door, asked whether it can delete posts. "I contacted her through QQ, she provided the link to delete the post, I check the content to determine whether to delete." Qiu said that if you feel the link can be deleted, he will be through the company’s background and their own permissions will be modified to hide the link, so that it can not be normal access. Sometimes it will change the contents of the post, or the post title and content replaced by the same time released other unrelated news. It is understood, according to the website, the normal process of deleting draft is the person responsible for the first approval, after deleting instructions issued edit and delete draft also need instructions, including one who notice, consent, referral reasons.

According to Qiu

account, delete each link to get 800 yuan reward. "I have never met with each other, are connected through QQ and telephone, the other is the money to my bank card or alipay." Qiu said that over the past year he deleted a total of about 100 posts, get benefits of more than 80 thousand yuan.

after the incident, the site of the account under the jurisdiction of the high data to carry out screening, found that the revised articles for 9846 articles, offline articles about 1500.

The last 5 years the


court of first instance held that the defendant qiumou as company staff, taking advantage of his position and illegally accepting other people’s property, to seek benefits for others, a huge amount, their behavior violated the criminal law, constituted a non >

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