To push the original author Youku operating platform like YY, 9158 models in order to gather popular

first to burst a material, the Iqiyi began to spend huge sums of money to buy the copyright to do independent broadcast video circle in downtown when rival Youku also raise a Babel of criticism of, not idle.

, a profitable website, has recently started to make money from fans, and they have recently launched a product called personal channels.

heard of this project has been regarded as one of the core internal Youku 2014 products, mainly through the UGC share to let fans consumption, compared with the past practice, the company added a lot of new gameplay, such as video producers jointly launched specifically divided into income belongs to the user’s personal channel, providing fans management and data interpretation etc. function.

specifically how to do it?

currently identified information is to establish personal channel, the original video authors can subscribe to several operators, increasing the amount of fans to create a personal brand, can even arrange order channel video sequence, set column classification, at the same time, Youku personal channel for the owners to provide products and data and operational support level, through the the background check, you can see their own personal channel flow, broadcast completion rate, comment, and even on the top income statistics.

set up personal channels, arrange their own column classification, income sharing, these keywords are very familiar with it, at least we heard this product planning, the first thought is that YY voice and 9158. The only difference is that this did not mention the concept of reds, Youku broadcast, but who can guarantee the future Youku will not do a reality show? After all, this is a very profitable business.

topic back to the Youku to do personal channel.

currently get the message is: Youku attaches great importance to this product, will be in charge of this business Youku produced the person responsible for the promotion of the company VP.

they want to create the atmosphere of consumer spending through personal channels, while improving the impact of personal channel, Youku to create low-cost good content, so you can save a lot of copyright procurement costs.

President Wei Ming said in the interior, the main purpose of this product is to develop the original video of this market segment, and to cultivate loyal audience. The addition of fans will help the quality of content and the author’s appearance, to help outstanding original video author to create a personal brand and get real benefits.

Youku official said: the introduction of personal channels, will help increase efforts to create creative efforts to accelerate the growth and success of partners. The original video classification label will gradually clear, such as games, music, comedy, animation, different labels will help the audience quickly find the author and works, and through subscription, operation, promotion and other means, to produce content in different keywords poly combined classification ranking, this dissertation also contributes to the original the author’s personal video brand promotion and obtain more benefits.

although many companies say

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