The first anniversary of the anniversary of the signing of the Anhui nternet association and the be

organizer: Anhui Internet Alliance Tencent financial payment through

co organizer: Hefei hotline Hefei Group buy network Anhui recruitment network 52PK long married network

organizer: Anhui Yanhuang Network Technology Co. Ltd. "stationmaster" magazine

: Chinese support media station stationmaster net net China laggards I station fast allusion net IDC ring IT IT

world grassroots network

support: Chinese online Chinese creative online bubble play public youth salon

annual meeting theme: to celebrate the first anniversary of the establishment of the Anhui Internet Alliance, to explore the path of Anhui personal site earnings, exchange of personal site operations experience

annual meeting time: December 14, 2008 (Sunday) at 14:00


annual meeting location: new Wencai hotel main building four floor multi-purpose hall

will participate in methods: webmaster site must be legitimate, the normal operation of the landing, the upcoming meeting of the alliance project site click on the application, required to fill out the real information in accordance with the regulations, and show their LOGO site, you must apply for registration in the caifutong account, fast full free integrated caifutong interface. All the party webmaster will receive delivery of a Tencent QQ doll and $100 55.LA Chongzhi cards and more carefully prepared for you a small gift in the field, fill in the questionnaire of Anhui station site will also participate in the awards from mysterious activities, constantly exciting, not to be missed.

participation costs: all expenses of this meeting will be borne by the organizers and co organizers, free participation throughout the

participate in the guests: to local well-known webmaster based, part of the famous guests invited

number of participants: due to the location of the relationship between only 200 seats (the principle of one stop one person), grab the hot, to sign up, now only more than and 100 seats!!!

features: from the start will be the annual anniversary of alliance will be more Anhui station to provide communication line under the opportunity to do more in roots, lower commercialization, closer to the all Anhui grassroots webmaster heart. The annual meeting will be mainly on the Internet after the winter Anhui site profit model as the focus of the research, the main purpose is to help you get through the winter of the Internet in Anhui to explore and exchange more website profit model. The annual meeting will provide more opportunities for grassroots performance of their own, with each Monday’s Anhui interview with the owners, so that more of the Anhui station to stand out in the field to show me and the operating site’s style. We hope that through this year will make all of the Anhui station in advance to enjoy the joy of new year, strengthen communication and cooperation to create brilliant success next year with more friends and partners, to jointly promote the development of the Internet industry in Anhui.

Venue: Anhui Hefei new Wencai Hotel (four star) "four multifunctional office building in Hefei city.

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