WeChat remediation two yuan options gray area gambling why repeated


yesterday afternoon around six, WeChat official public number pushed a message, WeChat public platform on remediation of the $two option class information announcement, the original reads as follows:


public platform has been committed to provide users with a green and healthy environment, and resolutely combat the "two yuan option" related laws and regulations and the promotion of information unlicensed behavior. For the "two options", Chinese Commission has issued a risk warning, "two option" and Chinese SFC regulatory options and financial derivatives are essentially trading behavior similar to gambling, and the local public security organs for the crime of fraud on the $two option network platform for investigation.

recently found that WeChat WeChat public platform public account issued publicity and recommendation, inducing others to engage in "two options" trading information and engaged in "two option" management behavior, in accordance with the "WeChat public platform service agreement" and "WeChat public platform operating norms", WeChat public platform will be issued two yuan of "option" the illegal promotion of public information processing, and including but not limited to, without obtaining the securities and futures business license or legal licence issued and spread the relevant business activities and other information related to clean up, do a permanent ban processing account.

roughly means there are a lot of WeChat public platform induced by users to register and participate in two yuan investment options and other micro trading market, and this kind of platform has a lot of run away platform, some platform is when the profits of investors after the platform, for various reasons refused to user withdrawals, many users complain that the two yuan option micro disk WeChat public number in WeChat, so Tencent to force regulation two yuan micro disk options.

The number of

in two yuan investment options of many Tencent, why should hinder this kind of propaganda platform? To illustrate the problem, we must first understand what is a simple $two option? A feather is not involved in the two yuan of special options trading, but the disk simulation in two yuan option operation, because two yuan is the extension of foreign exchange, stock index options, I do not understand the stock index, but the stock and foreign exchange or have a little bit of understanding, first said the stock and foreign exchange transactions in the main difference:

stock can only buy up, that is, 10 yuan to buy, when the stock rose to $20, then sell, you can earn 10 yuan, if the stock fell to $5, then if you sell, you have to pay $5.

can buy or buy up the foreign exchange, foreign exchange transactions is the currency pair, that is if you think of a currency will rise in the future, then you can buy a rose, so higher than your purchase price when you sell can make money; if you think a currency will fall in the future, then you can buy down so, below your purchase price when you can make money selling. So if you still do not understand the foreign exchange trading, then simply say, is a pair of currency exchange rate index up or down two possibilities, like gambling general >

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