Today’s headlines from the media can go beyond Baidu and WeChat

text / Wang Chao

because WeChat open public accounts, resulting from the media concept of hot, 2013 is also known as the media year. Since the popularity of the media, resulting in a large number of content producers or reporters leave from the agency, operating their own public accounts or from the media.

in terms of influence subscription number, personal account has been with the agency account ". According to Xu Da ranked, compared to the people’s daily, CCTV news and other veteran organizations, many personal accounts on the subscription and the amount of reading as well as advantages; put aside politics, in finance, fashion, emotion and other segments, has been entirely personal account of the world.

political areas because of government resources, the threshold of license and other factors, personal account is inferior to the agency account; open field information competition, personal account of the flounder move flexible transfiguration far better than a slow decision-making mechanism the brain.

YY founder Li Xueling once summed up, like teachers, doctors and journalists and other industries, is a natural "self-employed" industry, self-employed is the core competitiveness of organizations, agencies have a strong channel. But the Internet for personal empowerment, self-employed have a channel, its potential value will show up in the market, the income of the self-employed to get a huge boost.

the union of these "free men" is the highest form of ownership by Marx.

, however, has a channel of information providers, but also to solve a fundamental problem of survival, is how to obtain income.

at present, most of the information providers rely on brand advertising marketing. Through the insertion of hard wide, or brand exposed, information provider endorsement, brand advertisers to enhance brand reputation and visibility.

another model is the realization of Internet traffic. Click on the flow of information to match the ads, according to the effect of pay. Baidu has done so there are hundreds of platforms, WeChat public accounts and headlines today.


public account of the cash flow is a kind of automatic delivery mode in the background, provides a "flow" and "advertisers" two interfaces, information providers can access the main flow, by clicking on the effect of charges, the architecture implemented through the wide point through advertising system of Tencent. But the flow of WeChat advertising model high threshold, to have 100 thousand followers before they can access the system, run the WeChat account knows WeChat public number rose powder difficulty, according to access said, the current income is very limited.

Baidu one of the earliest access to advertising is known, because Baidu itself has an advertising alliance, all of the flow of Baidu hundred now Baidu system can be completed. Baidu hundreds of hundreds of thousands of dollars a few thousand dollars, which allows a large number of people from the media to go to Baidu hundred open account, but the consequences are divided into food flow, income is not as good as last year. There are three problems Baidu, first, the threshold is very high, must go through the Baidu news department after the audit to open, but now hundreds of people; the two is the editor of the leading

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