Net loan platform meets the year the 24 platform to cash difficulties — the most short-lived!

I: the dark horse of the year "is not crossed the threshold for net loan people, last year’s" run away tide "makes many investors fear, this year’s" fraud tide "is also very jittery. Net loan home data show that as of November 20th, in November there have been 24 problems with the platform, in addition to the fraud platform has 8, the rest of the platform there are different degrees of difficulty.

Beijing reproduction of the most short-lived platform

November 20th, there are investors in the net Loan Home Forum broke a name called Rong Jin venture Beijing platform yesterday (November 19th) just on the line on foot, QQ group has disbanded.

reporters try to log in the website of the platform, that has been open, call 400 call no answer, online customer service are all offline, there are investors established the rights group, group number is 386335557. Investors posted screenshot shows the actual platform to collect 215 thousand yuan, but reporters from the activist group said that this about 200000 yuan has some water, there are a lot of platform number vest, the actual amount of preliminary statistics collected in about 80 thousand yuan.

the "Rong Jin venture" on-line one day run away for many "new family" caused no small blow, some investors in the forum sigh: "it seems my new career to an end, the name of the name finally meet mine."

investors provide platform home page

is not the fastest only faster

in fact, like Rong Jin venture, such a day on the line on the foot of the platform is not a one, such as Beijing, Longhua, Hainan, Germany, Hong Hong, Hunan crystal jade loans are also on the list". But if you think that one day can be called the most short-lived platform, then you are wrong.

record of the fastest running speed by the constant gold loan in Zhejiang to maintain, on-line only half a day on the volume of money on foot, the expected loss of hundreds of thousands of investors. There are investors ridicule: no fastest, only faster!

hit the new platform also need to fully understand the

The same

the recent emergence of these "short life" platform of scams, is to build a shell of a P2P lending system platform higher than advertised benefits and incentives to lure investors, and most of the fraud platform license, make people impossible to guard against.

investors can verify the platform information before investment, beware of false information. Specific can call the P2P platform, the platform to obtain information related to the borrower’s identity, such as control conditions and capabilities of the platform of the wind, the wind control team is professional, the system is sound, etc.; the business license, the registered capital of view platform, management team and shareholders background backgrounds judgment. On the recent fraud, the most prone to false information is the platform of the company address, if can inspect the best on the platform, if not.

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