Jia Yueting criticized the four cancer of Apple’s closed ecosystem

days ago, chairman Jia Yueting LETV released on micro-blog, "a letter to Apple: the next generation of mobile Internet is no longer needed dictator" sparked numerous hot friends. In the letter, Jia Yueting said that only the mode of the times, there is no eternal model, closed Apple has not in line with the trend of the times, will be weak.


maybe this letter Jia Yueting offended many fruit powder, but Liu Kuang thinks that Jia Yueting’s letter just said a lot of truth, also expressed the common aspiration of many people outside the industry. Admittedly, Jobs with a closed system to create the ultimate user experience of Apple products, so many fruit powder still indulge in this. But a growing number of Apple users are complaining of Cook under the leadership of Apple product design system, lack of innovation, in fact, not Cook, but wrong in the closed system of narcissism on apple. Apple’s closed system is beginning to breed the cancer grew, and spread to various fields.

: a cancer ban self innovation

Jia Yueting mentioned in the letter, Apple’s success is the success of the times, the success of the closed loop model, but in the closed mode, Apple has become increasingly overbearing, autocratic." Indeed, proud people behind closed, make people a little stubborn, this is true. The closure makes Apple more arrogant, more self centred, but also blocked the self innovation.

from Apple’s most recent two mobile phone products iPhone6 and iPhone6 plus, we can feel the Apple phone in the performance of innovation on the serious shortage. The iPhone6 and iPhone6 Plus these two phones will once again sell well in the world, a large part of the reason is because the use of other mobile phone brands big screen design style. But on the phone’s performance, technology, the gap between domestic mobile phones and apple is shrinking.

look at Apple’s latest iPad products, in addition to CPU faster, thinner, the other almost no more intuitive distinction. Due to the serious lack of bright spots, iPad sales in the global context of a sharp decline, and even Android tablet has been super anti trend.

and apple in the era of things will behave more powerless, finally released a version of Apple since that is very creative AppleWatch, but with other smart watches already listed almost no difference, even make it difficult to find what is so special about AppleWatch.

two: the developer of innovative cancer stem

Apple closed loop mode, decided only to build on Apple’s own services and applications, in order to well with Apple’s system, hardware. This is a bad news for a large number of third party application developers.

one, apple for third Applications >

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