Anhui remediation nternet vulgar wind exposure list of the third batch

in an online news February 6th Anhui province Internet publicity management office for registration, filing website in our province for further verification, found the following site there are a lot of violate the social morality or damage the physical and mental health of young people in the country and vulgar content, the regulation of the Internet vulgar to carry out special operations air low after failing to take effective measures, is hereby announced:

1, 80 night entertainment channel (Anhui ICP No. 08105111)

2, third city (Anhui ICP No. 08005642)

3, YesP entertainment network ( Anhui ICP No. 08005665)

4, Tongling online (Anhui ICP No. 08005764)

5, Zongyang two or three (Anhui ICP No. 07503670)

6, Hefei discount nets ( Anhui ICP No. 08104130)

7, shoot yo portal ( Anhui ICP No. 08103485)

8, Xuancheng Baidu Forum ( Anhui ICP No. 08103390)

9, Huaining community ( Anhui ICP No. 08102967)

10, Ziyang network ( Anhui ICP No. 08100897)

above the site within 3 days of the vulgar content to conduct a comprehensive clean-up, rectification is not timely or not thorough, will bring the relevant departments to close the site according to law.

welcomes users to continue to actively report illegal and harmful information on the internet.



                                                        the regulation of the Internet vulgar wind first the exposure site list


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